Meal planning (July 4-10th)

I’ve been a bit lax about formal meal planning as I’ve been home on maternity leave.  We’ve still mostly been eating at home, but there are some last minute scrambles to get a meal organized.  Soon I’ll be back at work and won’t have that luxury, so I better get back on the meal planning wagon.

Last night at about 4 I realized I didn’t have anything thawed or planned for dinner.  Internet surfing on my phone while feeding dakota baby to the rescue.  I thawed a couple boneless skinless chicken breasts in the microwave and made this thai peanut chicken with some rice.  I even garnished it with peanuts and sesame seeds.  It was deemed a meal worth making again, which is great because it went together super easy, and would be great to prep the day/night/morning before and make quickly after work.

Thursday July 4 – Carne Asada tacos, watermelon, homemade vanilla ice cream for later

Friday July 5 – Honey Chipotle Glazed Grilled Chicken  I’m really excited about the chipotles in adobo sauce.  I’ve seen them as an ingredient in many recipes but never used them.  Most recipes seem to call for 1-2 tablespoons of them pureed.  I’ll use what it calls for and freeze the rest in ice cube/tablespoon sized portions like I do with tomato paste.  Will have this with spanish rice.  I’ve never made it, but read a number of recipes.  Will basically melt butter in a sauce pan, add 1 1/3 cup rice, then add salt/pepper, boiling chicken broth (about 1 1/2 cup) and 1 generous cup salsa, a medium chopped onion and some paprika and cook according to regular rice directions.  (Edit – rice was GREAT!)

Saturday July 6 – Pizza (chicken bacon ranch was really good last week on vacation)

Sunday July 7 – Grilled salmon with mustard or standard panko salmon

Monday July 8 – Gyros with tzatziki sauce, homemade pitas
I’m making a meal for friends, and making double quantity so we can have some too, I’ll make the pitas the day before and the gyro meat and then bake it and prep the tomatoes and fixings before taking it over.  I’ve had bad luck getting pitas to for pockets, despite lots of reading and using recipes that seem to work for other people.  Dakota guy says they work fine anyway and taste so much better than store bought that he doesn’t care.  I still want them to work!

Tuesday July 9 – Pasta alla Vodka

Wednesday July 10 – Grilled bratwurst (or something), homemade buns (standard recipe, but refer to this for shaping and see if hot dog buns turn out better shape) and baked french fries (Cooks Illustrated technique for fries).

Make ahead – I’m going to try to make more homemade convenience food for when I’m back at work.  I have some buns, bagels, and chocolate chip cookies in the freezer.  I also have three meals worth of chicken enchiladas frozen.  This week I am going to make another whole chicken in the crockpot to make baked creamy chicken taquitos to freeze for lunches.  I wish the bountiful basket tortillas had been good last time.  My friend got them again this week and if she has good luck I’ll order them again sometime because we used the last breakfast burrito yesterday.  I should also make some chicken fingers/nuggets again to have in the freezer.  I made coconut last time, but dakota boy didn’t like them so I’ll stick to bread crumbs.  These chicken bacon stuffed pizza rolls look like another handy lunch item to keep around.  Also, for reference we have some roasts in the freezer and I want to make these crockpot sandwiches to go with homemade buns one of my first weeks back at work.


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