Memorial Day Weekend treats

Somehow I decided to buy an ice cream maker.  It started when the new King Arthur Flour catalog came and featured ice cream makers on the back cover.  I told Dakota Guy, “we certainly don’t need an ice cream maker.”  And then I read about the cinnamon ice cream in the King Arthur catalog.  And then I looked online at some other ice cream recipes.  And read a lot of the posts/recipes for ice cream on one of my favorite food blogs Annie’s Eats.  And read that she hasn’t bought a single container of store bought ice cream since investing in her ice cream maker.  We don’t buy store bought bread.  We don’t order pizza any more.  We find homemade things generally superior to store bought.  So, this got me thinking maybe I DO need an ice cream maker.    Then the question became which ice cream maker.  I considered the kitchen aid attachment and the Cuisinart freestanding model.  The Kitchenaid has the advantage of working with a mixer I already have.  But it was more expensive.  I turned to my favorite source for such things, the reviews on Cook’s Illustrated.   The Cuisinart won the “best buy” designation preforming only slightly less well than a $330 maker.  This settled it for me and I ordered it.

I also ordered the book The Perfect Scoop by by David Lebovitz.  Which is fabulous and well worth the $15.

Since then I made a batch of Philadelphia-Style Vanilla Bean ice cream which Dakota Guy and Boy both love.  They also talked me into making brownies to eat with it.  I used the Fudge Brownie recipe from the Better Homes and Garden’s cookbook and they are apparently “perfect”.

We got more apricots in our Bountiful Basket.  Since I’d split an add on amount of apricots with a friend two weeks prior we weren’t really excited about eating more plain.  And I made freezer jam two weeks ago as well using my bread machine.  So, I made Apricot Sorbet which is also really good.

Next in line is a mint chip ice cream made with coconut milk.  I’m somewhat concerned that the new kid around here, our now 1 month old, has milk protein intolerance like his older brother did, so I’m trying a couple weeks of eliminating dairy.  This ice cream looks delicious, so at least in that respect it won’t be too difficult.  With Dakota Boy I was able to just eliminate actual dairy not “hidden dairy” in baked goods and other things.  Hopefully this will be the case this time too.  Or in 2-4 weeks when I try cheating a little he’ll do ok.

In preparation for summer we also had carne asada tacos with sirloin steak from our family’s farm and tortillas from Bountiful Baskets.  Delicious!!!  We season the steak with chili powder, garlic powder, cumin and salt then marinade it in lime juice with some garlic and jalapeños in the marinade.  Then grill about 10 minutes per side and cut into thin strips and serve with sauted onions and green peppers and other taco fixings.  It’s delicious.