Post Christmas meal planning

We had a fabulous Christmas meal complete with Prime Rib  with a creamy mustard sauce, brown sugar glazed rainbow carrots from How to Cook Everything, and cranberry relish that I do carefully in the food processor rather than a grinder and mashed potatoes (a mix of red, russet and yukon gold from bountiful baskets).

Now I’m on to planning for the week ahead.  I took today off from work, which is great.  I can go to the grocery store and get organized around here.  Plus my new computer (Christmas gift from dakota guy) came today!!!

Wednesday Dec 26 Bacon and Pea Mac and Cheese


Thursday Dec 27Brie and Brisket Tacos

Friday Dec 28Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Saturday Dec 29Gyro – although I suspect ground lamb isn’t going to come from our grocery store.  Seems the substitutes I’ve seen suggested are ground chicken or turkey.  So I’ll go with that.

Sunday Dec 30 –  French onion soup – my sister made this for Christmas and the pictures looked so good.  I’m going to try the smitten kitchen version.

I’m also really excited because I ordered a sourdough starter from King Arthur Flour.  I know I could have made my own.  But I wanted to start with trying this.  I’m excited to try this bread that is described many places as being “THE ONE”.  I’m also excited to make sourdough pizza crust to keep in the freezer rather than throwing the cup of starter that needs to be discarded when feeding the starter weekly.

Dakota guy has been begging for sourdough bread for ages.  So, here goes!  Excited for the starter to come…