Meal planning: August 27- Sept 2

Monday August 27 – Spaghetti and meatballs and Garlic Roasted Cauliflower (I don’t follow the meatball recipe exactly, no bread crumbs for us)

Tuesday August 28 – 20-40 clove garlic chicken, quinoa, veggie of some sort

Wednesday August 29 – pork chops with black beans and salsa (BHG 11th ed cookbook, here’s a link adapted by someone)

Thursday Aug 30 – just Dakota Boy and I for supper.  I think I’ll go lazy and have pb and j’s.

Friday August 31 – Pizza

Saturday September 1 – Best pulled pork ever, homemade buns, baked fries, corn on the cob

Sunday September 2 – Depends on who we have around – Brats, burgers or lentil burgers?


We might have company for dinner Friday through Sunday.  Dakota guy has some buddies camping in our yard and I’d like to be able to offer them a meal here and there if they are around.  So, I’m going with easy, no specific time meals so I can be flexible.


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