Meal Planning: August 20 – 26

Monday August 20 – Breakfast burritos with bountiful basket’s tortillas and homemade salsa

Tuesday August 21 – Applesauce chicken, quinoa and broccoli (homemade apple sauce)

Wednesday August 22 – Burgers, broccoli or cauliflower and homemade buns

Thursday August 23 – Fragrant Red lentils and rice

Friday August 24 – Pizza

Saturday August 25 – Turkey breast? or Salmon? or Mac n cheese

Sunday August 26 – Red Quinoa and black bean chili

Week in review
I’ve done a lot of canning the past week.  Dakota boy and I went to see my parents last Monday and picked some apples.  He had so much fun picking them.  Mostly he gathered them off the ground.  But those are great for applesauce and that was my plan.  I knew I had tomatoes coming the next weekend so I made and canned the applesauce that night.  I ended up staying up until about 1 am, way past my usual bedtime.  I made 19 pints.  For our family of three I prefer canning stuff in pints so it gets used up and doesn’t take up fridge space for too long.

The next Saturday was a Bountiful Basket day and I ordered an excessive number of   a few add-ons.  I got 40# of tomatoes ($24) and 7 dozen tortillas ($10.50) as well as a gallon of organic olive oil.  Preserving the tomatoes took the bulk of my weekend. I had a few left from the previous basket and there were about 7 in the current basket and we had a few ready in our porch garden.  I started Saturday night after Dakota boy was in bed and made spaghetti/pizza sauce with about 20# of it.  Again I underestimated the time it would take me and was up until 1 am or so.  7 pints of spaghetti sauce canned and 2 in the freezer because I was too lazy to stay up for another canner’s worth.  The next day I planned to finish the remainder of the tomatoes.

First, Zesty Salsa from the Ball Blue book of canning.  I did a lot of reading about salsa recipes.  I wanted to use jalapeno and habanero peppers from our garden but didn’t want the whole thing to be too spicy.  I know with canning you can’t alter recipes much or you can have food safety issues.  Tomatoes are acidic but fairly low acid so canned salsa recipes call for vinegar.  Onions and peppers are lower acid and therefore the quantity can be decreased some but NOT increased.  The salsa recipe used about 6 pounds of tomatoes.  It isn’t very spicy, but Dakota Guy loves it!

The remainder I just canned whole.  There was also juice that remained from making the spaghetti sauce and I canned that with the intention of using it as a stock.  A fair number of recipes (soups, crockpot meals) benefit from some tomato juice for flavor instead of water.  I was done with the project and cleanup before suppertime – totals 12 pints of salsa (one didn’t seal so we tested it tonight – great).

I intended to take today off from food prep other than meals.  But, I couldn’t do it.  The tortillas looked so good!  I made breakfast burritos and beef and bean burritos to freeze.  Made 8 breakfast and 11 bean and beef.


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