Meal planning: Aug 5-11

My bountiful basket was amazing.  I’ve got lots planned to use it.  Will add pictures of basket later…

Sunday Aug 5 – Cabbage rolls.  Got a head of cabbage in the basket this week.  Want to try these.

Monday Aug 6 –  some sort of bok choy and chicken stir fry, maybe this one

Thursday Aug 9 – Zucchini and Corn Taco seasoned Quinoa salad

Wednesday Aug 8 – Butter chicken (again).  Can’t stop thinking about this yummy meal.  My crockpot isn’t fancy enough to turn itself down to warm.  Must remember to have Dakota Guy turn it down at some point.

Thursday Aug 9 – Grilled turkey burgers, homemade buns, grilled romaine salad.  Most excited about the romaine salad from the Inspired RD blog.

Friday Aug 10 – Pizza – seems by Friday we just want pizza or take out Mexican.  Might as well just plan for pizza.

Saturday Aug 11 – Maple pork chops?  Keep carrying over this recipe.  Is that a sign we don’t actually want to eat it?

Salad/dressing to make a bit ahead for lunches
Mango and Napa Cabbage – make today (also strip romaine down to hearts and cut up rest for lunches, grilling recipe only uses hearts)
Buttermilk Dressing to put on random mixed greens not used up from other cooking


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