Bountiful Baskets and Meal Planning July 22 – 28

This week’s bountiful basket was fabulous.  I get the conventional basket, so for $15 I got the following

5 ears of sweet corn
Big bunch of carrots
Butter lettuce
2 yellow squash
2 English Cucumbers
1 pound of grapes
1 pound of strawberries
10 plums

I also bought the 12 pound assortment of plums.  I’m not sure what all I plan to do with this other than the plum sauce I canned.

I planned meals for the week mostly based on what came in the basket.

Sunday July 22 – Zucchini pancakes from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything (HTCE).  Beer glazed black eyed peas from the same book.  Fresh fruit cut up.

Monday July 23 – Lettuce wraps like these or these or this salad Blackened Chicken salad with creamy honey mustard dressing

Tuesday July 24 – Pulled pork with plum sauce, sweet corn

Wednesday July 25 – Fish Tacos recipe from HTCE, corn again?

Thursday July 26 – Spaghetti and meatballs (carried over from last week, never got it made), maple glazed carrots

Friday July 27 – Pizza with frozen dough (probably in the oven not grill?)

Saturday July 28 – Beef and Broccoli with savory wine sauce (from American Heart Association One Dish Meals)


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