Grilled pizza

Grilled pizza was on the menu for Saturday.  But, I gave away our eggplant parm to a friend who had a baby exactly two weeks ago.  I ended up using a different recipe than I originally planned because I wanted something they could keep in the fridge a while if they didn’t feel like eating it the day I brought it.  I used some of our bountiful baskets fresh herbs.

So, I was left deciding what was for dinner tonight.  The metal pizza peel I ordered came today making my decision easy.

Metal pizza peel – great for use on the grill

I was planning on making pizza dough by hand, but had a lot else I wanted to get done during nap time so I looked over a few recipes and decided to make the basic pizza dough from my trusty Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook.  I ended up busy enough I didn’t look at the dough until it was time to take it out of the machine.  It wasn’t dough, it was GLUE.  Sticky mess.  I was quite sure I was going to have to throw it and figure out a plan B.

bread machine

I came up with this recipe for a quick pizza dough that could use my other favorite new appliance, my food processor.  I spent some more time looking and googled “sticky pizza dough” and “glue pizza dough” and came up with a few recipes with similar proportions that ended up way to wet for other people.  I decided to take the plunge and work in some more flour and see if I could salvage this dough.  I used my scraper and divided into 4 worked about an extra 1/8 C of flour into each.  With that it made a very thin dough, but I was able to use it.   Next time I would reserve at least 1/3 C of the water and add as needed during the initial kneading.

We made three pizzas.

One Caprese pizza.  For this I made a pesto from the basil from this week’s basket. 


For the pesto I used my mini prep food processor.  I processed a clove of garlic.  Then I added about 1 cup loosely packed basil (basically all that I got) and about 1/4 C sunflower seeds and pulsed again.  Then I added about 1/4 C grated parmesan cheese and 1/3 C olive oil and processed until a nice texture.  Keep in mind it is easier to store fresh pesto in the fridge with a thin layer of olive oil over it took keep the color nice.

On this pizza we put pesto, tomato slices and chunks of fresh mozzarella.

Grilling first pizza

Dakota Guy’s pizza was pepperoni (precooked in a skillet on the stovetop) with caramelized onions and mushrooms (both from this week’s basket).  Also a bit of traditional pizza sauce and mozzarella.

Slice very thinly


A key to this whole process is to be prepared with all the toppings before the pizza goes on the grill.  The first side grills about 1.5 minute, brush it with olive oil quickly, then the pizza gets flipped, toppings put on and the grill closed for about 4 minutes.

be prepared


All in all what could have been an epic fail turned into delicious pizza.  Can’t wait to try it again.

both pizzas

My favorite


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