Meal Planning: July 2-9

We will have guests for a good portion of this week.  Dakota guy’s mom and sister are coming for the first part of the week.  Then one of his buddies is coming for the weekend.  Some of this may change based on that, but I think it should work.

I’m trying a “pantry challenge” that I’ve seen on blogs.  I’m still going to buy our weekly staples.  But  I am going to try to be more conscious about using what I have at home.  That means the grocery list this week has three things on it and then the standard things I know I always get without a list (milk, butter, fruit, cheese, some sandwich meat).


Monday – Grilled burgers and brats, homemade buns, tortellini, and fruit.  Rhubarb snacking cake.  I made this for my mom’s birthday a few weeks ago and it is so amazing.  If extra time make some crock pot granola to have on hand.

Tuesday -Breakfast – baked oatmeal.  Get ready in fridge night before and leave instructions for baking.

Dinner – Herb roasted turkey breast (barefoot contessa), potatoes, veggies

Wednesday – Morning – fresh bagels and fixings

Supper – July 4th plans?

Thursday Black bean burritos roughly based on this.  With my own home canned black beans.  Make rice day before.

Friday – Pizza from home made dough.  Try new pizza peel.

Saturday – Swedish heart waffles and breakfast sausage

Sunday – steak on the grill, hash browns, frozen veggies


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