We moved into our new house in the beginning of May.  With work, moving, and a toddler we decided we couldn’t plan and plant a garden this year.  Our yard has no fence.  Deer come within feet of the house.  We didn’t want to put forth the work and then not have time to tend it or sacrifice it to the deer.  We both value as much home grown food as possible.  But, like the chickens we figured the garden could wait until next year.

As soon as our offer on the house was accepted Dakota guy did order hops to get in the ground this spring.


Then a trip to the farm supply store for other items left me browsing in the greenhouse.  Suddenly we had a patio garden of tomatoes and peppers.  I have visions of salsa.

tomatoes and peppers

tomatoes and peppers

little tiny baby tomato

A few days a friend of mine mentioned how some years they have just “dug a hole and planted some vines” left me motivated to do just that.  Dakota Guy and I spent an afternoon picking a spot and planting some zucchini, yellow straight squash, cucumbers, acorn squash, butternut squash, pumpkins, and a few days later I threw in some melons.  I began to wonder if tilling a spot and planting an actual garden might not have been just as easy.

view of most of the vine area

Other than the to scale planning chart and the initial planting Dakota guy has done all the work.  He grows things.  I like to admire though.  This chair is an nice place to admire from… I think I’ll head there with some coffee now.

dakota dog admiring

Dakota dog enjoys early morning trips outside.

Oh, wow, there’s my disc!!!

Maybe if I look calm she’ll get the disc for me

I’ve got it, RUN!!!


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